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    All trainings are about one hour by default, but can be tailored to accommodate different time needs. 

    To schedule a training, please contact Keith Reynolds. 


    Diversity and Inclusion

    This training provides a clear understanding of what diversity is and what it isn't.  The training raises a greater awareness and sensitivity to diversity issues that go well beyond the assumed categories.  Finally, the training offers behavioral tools for fostering a more cohesive workplace.

    Target audience:  all staff and can be modified for students.

    Workplace Diversity

    This training defines the various areas of diversity and culture.  This training also looks into generational diversity in the workplace and has an exercise. 

    Target audience:  All staff.

    Blind Spots

    This training helps to build management and leadership skills.  It also aids in discovering professional blind spots, which are basically our weaknesses, and provides tips on improvement.  Through different structures and examinations, participants will learn to use tools that will help them overcome their blind spots and come away with tips on how to make effective decisions.   

    Target audience:  all staff and leadership.

    Making Meaningful Connections with Minority Students

    The training is to prepare staff to develop meaningful and effective relationships with students but in particular, minority students.  The training also offers development and support strategies that can address the needs of underserved/poor students. 

    Target audience:  all staff and leadership.

    Parenting Toward School Success

    This training is to assist parents in helping their child achieve academically and to offer tips in how to overcome educational obstacles.  Student benefits from academic growth and consequences for lack thereof, are provided as well as tips for parents to take steps to improve relations with the school. 

    Target audience:  parents and students.

    Peer Relationships

    The training focuses on providing conflict resolution skills to help improve peer relations in the workplace.  Participants will learn about the impact and consequences of continued peer conflict and how to overcome conflict by focusing on the interests of others and behavior change. 

    Target audience:  all staff and can be modified for students.

    Respect in the Workplace

    The training focuses on improving workplace relations by showing respect, how and why respect in the workplace is important, focusing on others’ interests, changing non-productive relationship behaviors, and how this all can impact and improve the future of relations in the workplace.

    Target audience:  all staff.

    Family Engagement and Schools

    The goals of this training are to offer suggestions to school staff on how to improve welcoming families.  Emphasis has been placed on creating a welcoming school climate, building trust, respect, improving communication, and inclusion with families.  Challenges, the roles of parents and school staff, plus evaluating progress and success, are areas offered in this training. 

    Target audience:  School administration and staff.

    How Parents Can Advocate for Their Children

    This training offers suggestions to parents on how to advocate for their students at school.  Understanding what advocacy means, why advocate for their children, and how, are covered in this training.  Information on advocating for student with special needs and how school staff can be student advocates is also included in the training.

    Target audience:  Parents and staff

    Personal Expression Guidelines:  First Amendment Rights for Students and Employees

    Have you ever wondered what you can and cannot have on your shirt or hat, while at work, that might be deemed as offensive to others?  Have you ever wondered do you have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem?  Would you like to know if you or students are able to have a protest while at work or school or how far you can push your political ideology while at work or school? What can you do online without being corrected by your employer? This training covers USD 259 guidelines to help you understand what your rights are in alignment to the First Amendment and BOE Policies.    

    Target audience:  All WPS employees and students

    Trauma-Informed Schools

    This training provides basic information on how traumatized students navigate the educational world.  Emphasis is placed on defining what is trauma, how it impacts our students, their brains, and their behaviors in school.  This training provides strategies on how educators can effectively connect and interact with the traumatized student to create positive change and improve educational success.

    Target audience:  Teachers and Administrators

    Belonging and Inclusion

    This training will provide information on Belonging and Inclusion, Stereotype Threats, Implicit Bias, and Microaggressions.  These concepts will be defined and participants will learn how stereotypes, bias, and microaggressions can erode Belonging and Inclusion.  Focus is placed on overcoming the negatives by showing respect, valuing others, and treating others fairly to create a thriving learning environment.  Participants will see their roles in shaping the experiences, contexts, and relationships where learning happens, as well as see how Belonging and Inclusion fits on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The training will place emphasis on the importance of creating authentic relationships, developing trust, enhancing communication, and dispelling stereotypes so that we see all as human beings. 

    Target audience:  Anyone

    Trust, Integrity, Ethics, and Boundaries

    This training defines and applies the importance of maintaining trust, integrity, ethics, and boundaries in the workplace and potential obstacles that could increase risks.  This training also provides awareness and shares avenues to protect the work environment and employees from potential violations, while offering strategies and tips to protect stakeholders.  The training included exercises for the application of the key concepts.

    Target audience:  Anyone

    Burnout Prevention and Treatment

    This training defines what is burnout, the impact of burnout, and how stress contributes to burnout.  The training also shares information on the causes, signs and symptoms of burnout as well as tips to void burnout.

    Target audience:  Anyone