• Communication


    Open communication with staff, parents, students and other stakeholders is key to building trust, and it is one of the strategic themes of our Every Student Future Ready strategic plan. Parents and staff members provided valuable feedback over the summer on preferred communication channels. The district will share information through the following avenues in order to assure that vital facts and timely updates are shared directly with key stakeholders.

    WPS COVID-19 Exposure Response Plan for Staff, Students and Vistors

    Communication to Parents if a Student or Staff Member Tests Positive for COVID-19 


    Email, phone and text messaging through the district’s automated messaging system. For both parents and staff, it is essential that contact information be kept up to date in key information systems for messages to be received. For parents, that system is ParentVUE. For employees, that system is PeopleSoft. This automated system will be used to send messages district-wide, as well as from schools. All crisis information and urgent updates will be shared through this set of communication tools before they will be sent through any other means.


    Social media will be an important conduit of information and dialogue with district stakeholders. Stakeholders should follow WPS on Facebook (/wichitapublicschools) and Twitter (@wichitausd259), and their school social media accounts if they exist.


    District and school web sites will present important compilations of return to school plans and key resources to inform actions. District enrollment information will be available at www.usd259.org/enroll, and all return to school plan information will be included online at www.usd259.org/WPSreturn. Additional school-specific information will be available on each school’s web site.

    Patrons with questions for which they can’t find answers on the district’s web site may email questions to info@usd259.net. School-specific questions should be directed to the school principal.