• To guarantee availability, we ask that Badge Replacements be made by appointment only.


    Please use the widget below to schedule, or to speak with an HR representative, please contact humanresources@usd259.net to be directed.




  • All staff will be issued a picture identification badge upon completion of New Employee Onboarding that is to be worn at all times while on district property. Badges will also serve as a key card for all staff assigned to a building equipped with a card reader access system. This will give them access to their assigned building(s) during the hours associated with their position and AMAC during normal business hours. Should an employee need access to a building for which they are not assigned, it may only be granted by the building's administrator. 


    Badges are the property of the District and must be returned to the District office when an employee is no longer employed by or working in one of the District buildings. Badges must not be loaned to others.  Lost or stolen badges must be reported immediately to 973-2100 so measures may be taken to maintain safety and security and to protect District property. 


    Badges should be stored with care when not in use. Please avoid punching holes in them, leaving them cars, hanging them from rearview mirrors, wearing them alongside keys (which can scratch the surface), or decorating with stickers. Intentional or neglectful damage to badges will be viewed as destruction of district property. 


    Should a badge need to be replaced, the employee will be charged a replacement fee of $5.00. 


    All badges are issued with a generic district, break-away, expansion lanyard. While staff are not required to use the lanyard issued to them, it is recommended that a break-away lanyard is used for the safety of the employee. Badges must not be paired with a school lanyard or any other building designators to ensure the safety and security of the building in the event of a lost or stolen badge. Additional district lanyards will not be issued, unless the employee has be assessed the replacement fee. 


    To guarantee staff availability, appointments are strongly encouraged. Use the "Book Appointment" widget on this page to schedule your appointment. Please pay close attention to the date and time chosen - all appointments are scheduled with a minimum of 24 hours lead time. 


    All appointments will be held at the Alvin E. Morris Administrative Center (AMAC) at 903 S. Edgemoor. Please check in with Human Resources in room 102. Unless your badge has been lost or stolen, please bring your current badge with you to the appointment. Cash, check, or card are accepted as payment for the $5.00 replacement fee. 


    Please note: Replacements will not work on the day they are issued. The system requires an overnight process to run before a new badge will function.


    For questions or assistance booking an appointment, please call 316-973-4605.



Summer Access to Buildings

  • June 1 through July 31 all school based employees access to their school will be disabled.  If you have a need to have access to the school, your administration will have to add you back.  If you have any questions about this or need access, please talk to your building administration. Your access will be re-activated as of August 1 to the location(s) specified in PeopleSoft at that time.