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    Frequently Asked Questions:


    Question: What do I do if I have a concern regarding a class? 

    Answer: Complete the Meeting Request Form so that your counselor can reach out to you. Not all changes will be allowed.


    Question: What classes does North offer?

    Answer: So many! Check out our 2020-2021 Enrollment Book here!


    Question: What are the graduation requirements?


     English  4 units
     Mathematics  3 units
     Science  3 units
     Social Studies  3 units
     Physical Education  1 unit
     Fine Arts  1 unit
     Electives  7 units
     Career/Technical  0.5 units
     Financial Literacy  0.5 units
     Minimum Credits for Graduation  23 units



    Question: What happens if I fail a class?

    Answer: If you fail a core class (like Freshmen English or Math for example), you must make it up. Talk to your counselor about how to recover credits.