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    Frequently Asked Questions:


    Question: What do I do if I have a concern regarding a class? 

    Answer: Contact your counselor. Not all changes will be allowed.


    Question: What classes does North offer?

    Answer: So many! Check out our 2023-2024 Enrollment Book here! Classes offered for concurrent credit are marked with "(CC)". Also, check out the North Pathways website by clicking HERE


    Question: What classes can I take at WSU Tech while a high school student?

    Answer: Technical classes (like Construction Science, Aviation Maintenance, Welding, Healthcare) are offered for free tuition through the Jumpstart Program. Students are at North High for half the day and at WSU Tech for the other half the day. Transportation is provided if needed and books are at a discount. Must be a junior or senior, have good attendance and a 2.0 or higher GPA. For a list of programs and for information on how to sign up, click HERE. General Education classes are also offered at WSU Tech and are at a discounted rate. For more information schedule a meeting with your counselor or visit the College Career Center's WSU Tech Jumpstart info page: HERE


    Question: What are the graduation requirements?


     English  4 units
     Mathematics  3 units
     Science  3 units
     Social Studies  3 units
     Physical Education  1 unit
     Fine Arts  1 unit
     Electives  7 units
     Career/Technical Education  0.5 units
     Financial Literacy  0.5 units
     Minimum Credits for Graduation  23 units



    Question: Can you explain my transcript?

    Answer: Sure! Give your counselor a call so they can go over it with you. 

    Helpful documents: 

    This document explains how to understand your transcript: The Transcript PDF--ENGLISH  / SPANISH

    This document helps you determine which credits you have completed. Understanding Your Transcript-- ENGLISH / SPANISH


    Question: What happens if I fail a class?

    Answer: If you fail a core class (like Freshmen English or Math for example), you must make it up. Talk to your counselor about how to recover credits. 


    Question: I am a middle school student. What electives does North offer? 

    Answer: Lots! Check out our North Freshmen Elective List that describes them: Click HERE