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    What is Pando Initiative?


    Pando Initiative helps students remove barriers that keep them from being successful. The Pando North team is here for North students and their families to help them know what resources are available from Pando North High and our local community, along with opportunities that might create an easier learning experience or well-being of the student and their family. 


    Services include:

    • Academic Goal Setting
    • Post-secondary education guidance
    • Resource information/materials for students and families (food pantries- free medical services)
    • School Supplies (As Available)
    • Referrals to Other Local/State Agencies
    • Phone calls to home/and or home visits (safe porch visits) to parents/guardians if needed due absenteeism
    • Sport Physical Assistance (can’t transport students to get physical but will cover portion of the cost of physical)
    • Letter of recommendations for scholarships/employment for students who have been a Pando student for at least 1 semester
    • Liaison between faculty, students, and families


    Información en Español: AQUI


    If any student for family might benefit from Pando North, please contact a member of the Pando team:



    Sandra Sanchez 

    Student Support Advocate 

    Pando Initiative  





    Greetings! I am Sandra Sanchez Student Support Advocate for North High. I have been part of the North for three years and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I graduated from Wichita State University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. My personal mission is to be able to help North High students and their families by providing local resources and Pando services available.



    Giselle Gonzalez

    WSU Practicum Student

    Pando Initiative  




    Hey all! I am Gisell Gonzalez and I am a senior at Wichita State University. I am doing my practicum at North High through Pando Initiative. I will be working with Sandra Sanchez as my field instructor. I am really excited about working with her and you all so we can thrive though this school year. 


    In 2016 I graduated from Minneola High School. From what you just read you can tell that I’m not from the Wichita area. Minneola is a small town in Southwestern Kansas. After high school I went to Butler Community College on a band scholarship then changed it to a theater scholarship. In 2018 I graduated from BCC with my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. From there I transferred to Wichita State University to start my bachelor’s degree in social work. 


    I enjoy being active! My most favorite way to stay active is playing spike ball with my friends. It’s our favorite game to play on a Sunday evening! If you haven’t played it you definitely should get on it!! I also really enjoy listening to music which could be because my mom plays it every morning. 



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    We are here to partner with you to help your student succeed at North High School!