• Student Activities
    School activities such as dances and field trips may be attended by TMS students only. If a student bring a guests they will be asked to leave along with their guest. Students who are absent (unexcused) from school and any student suspended the day of or the day following the activity may not participate in the event.


    Interscholastic Sports
    Only 7th & 8th grade students may participate in competitive interscholastic sports. Eligible students may try out for boys’ cross-country, basketball and track or girls’ cross-country, volleyball, basketball and track. Participants of
    all competitive sports must meet the following criteria:

    1. Academic eligibility to be part of the team is determined by a student passing at least five classes the previous quarter. Fall sports eligibility is determined by the final grades at the conclusion of the previous school year. To participate in an athletic contest, the student must currently be passing all of his or her classes. Any student, who reaches the age of fifteen on or before August 1 of this school year, shall be ineligible for eighth grade competition.
    2. All students must obtain a physical signed by parents and physician prior to the first day of try outs/practice. The KSHSAA physical forms are available in the office at TMS or on the district website www.usd259.org. One physical is good for the entire academic year. Additionally, all athletes must complete a concussion form and catastrophic insurance form.

    Athletes who receive an after school detention must serve as scheduled. Involvement in the athletic programs a privilege, not a right. The coaches work hard and are the final word in who participates or not.


    Field Trips
    Field trips are planned to enhance learning. Students who go on field trips should remember that they represent not only themselves during the activity, but also the school and their team. Behavior that is unacceptable at school is unacceptable on field trips. In accordance with board policy, students may lose the opportunity for further field trips if they have been disciplined for inappropriate behavior on a previous school trip during the school year.


    After School Program (not currently running)
    The After School Program (ASP) includes tutoring, homework help, technology, and recreation times. It also includes various field trips offered to students free of charge. This program is highly recommended for any student requiring additional support academically. Students may enroll at any time throughout the school year. The After School Program runs Mondays-Thursdays from 3:20 to 5:00 p.m. Check late bus availability for your address in the main office.

    *Hours are subject to change.