• Weather Warning
    Statement of BOE Policy 2310: The principal is authorized to carry out the procedure most suitable to the building for the protection of students and personnel in case of an impending storm.


    Upon the sounding of a tornado warning, everyone in the building will assemble into the FEMA Saferoom. Once the doors are secure, they will not be opened until we are given the “All Clear” by the district. Any patrons that arrive at TMS after we have secured the FEMA Saferoom doors will need to follow the signage that leads directly to the secondary shelter location which is located in the boys’ locker room. We will not open the FEMA doors for anyone, including parents, once they are closed. We cannot jeopardize the safety of patrons already in the Saferoom during this time. This location is the SAFEST place for your child to be! Our Secondary Shelter Area is provided for all patrons that arrive after the warning and after FEMA doors have been locked. Rooms without windows, such as restrooms, etc. are the second safest locations in our building. However, these areas are NOT constructed according to FEMA guidelines. If you are not in the building at the time of the warning, please do not leave the safety of your home to pick up your loved ones. Remember, your students are in the safest place possible and traveling during inclement weather poses an unnecessary risk to you.