• NOTICE:  USD 259 permits the distribution of flyers by various organizations on a nondiscriminatory basis regarding matters of potential interest to students and parents. USD 259 neither sponsors nor endorses any organization or activity represented in such flyers and any particular activity, content, or viewpoint set forth in any flyer is solely that of the organization shown.

    Please exercise caution in deciding whether to attend or participate in the activities of any such organization during the continuance of the Coronavirus pandemic. Since USD 259 does not sponsor, control, or regulate the activities listed, adherence to proper preventive health practices against the disease is the responsibility of the program sponsor and individual attendees. Before attending, please determine whether the organization or sponsor will follow safe practices to prevent the spread of the disease, and protect yourself, your family, and others by wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and following other established protective measures. Following safe practices will lessen the risk of infection from Coronavirus for all concerned, including reducing the risk of its introduction into the school system of USD 259.

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