• What's an edventure?

    Edventures are a series of virtual field trip experiences focused on a seasonal theme or unit of study. Think of Edventures as virtual one-day conferences designed for PK-12 students. These involve virtual author visits, guest speakers, walking tours of special locations, and career explorations. Most of our field trip sessions are 30 minutes and recorded so classrooms that could not attend a live session can access them on demand the next day.

    We value enrichment and deeper content explorations for all students. While a few Edventure Days are targeted for specific grade levels, we design most for PK-12 with individual sessions for early childhood, intermediate, middle, and high school students.

    NOTE: Our EdTech Team designs the Edventures for the Wichita Public Schools, but all districts and classrooms from anywhere are welcome to join in. Great learning experiences are for everyone.

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