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    *Please note: At this time our online application must be completed in one sitting. It is not possible to start the application and then save your progress midway through the process. We apologize for this inconvenience.


    Students are asked to write two essays as part of the application.

    All applicants should answer Prompt #1 (no less than 450 words): 


    Prompt #1: Explain why you want to be accepted into the Early College Academy, why you would be a good fit, and how this program will help you achieve your long-term goals. 


    Applicants should choose one prompt from the remaining prompts below (no less than 450 words):


    Prompt #2: Discuss what you feel will be your biggest challenge in high school. Include your concerns about taking college classes. 

    Prompt #3: Describe your experience in middle school, grades six through eight, including challenges and accomplishments.  What steps were, or could have been taken to address the challenges? 

    Prompt #4: Explain what you think the following quote means and how it might apply to your life now or in the future. “It’s easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass 

    Prompt #5: Describe a real-world problem you have encountered or witnessed and propose a means of improving the problem. Stay away from ideological topics (e.g. prayer or religion in public schools or racism. While these are real topics, they require a kind of change that is outside of your control). Focus on tangible issues where there are specific steps anyone can take. 

    Prompt #6: Define what leadership means to you and give examples, positive or negative, from your life. Your essay should demonstrate what you learned about leadership and how you hope to use those lessons.


    Application Link