WPS COPPA Notification

  • Wichita Public Schools (WPS) may contract with publishers or other third-party website operators to provide online curriculum that aligns with district standards or other services that support the teaching and learning processes of the district. These websites are offered for the benefit of the students and for the school system, e.g., homework help lines, web-based testing services, and supplemental curriculum. Website operators provide WPS with full notice of their collection, use and disclosure practices. The use of the website and the collection of any information from students are solely for the use and benefit of the school, and for no commercial purpose.

    WPS utilizes many digital resources to meet student needs. Under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), certain applications (apps) and websites require parental notification and/or parental consent before collecting personal information from children under the age of 13.

    WPS's list of approved apps and websites can be found on this page. The list has 3 categories, those approved 1) for all ages, 2) for students who are at least 13-year-old or have parental permission (COPRA Compliant Apps), and 3) for students aged 13 and up.

    In addition, WPS works with many nonprofit and educational organizations in our community that now offer blended learning or self-directed online learning opportunities that use apps or websites. Organizations that appear in the approved partner list on this page have agreed to comply with COPPA, the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Kansas Student Data Privacy Act. 

    NOTE: Partner organizations with existing relationships with one or more schools that are not included in this list can contact Rob Dickson at rdickson@usd259.net to discuss being added. If you are not currently working with WPS and wish to partner with us to provide services to our students, contact Suzy Finn at sfinn@usd259.net. 

  • The partner organizations listed above do not reflect all ongoing relationships WPS has with area organizations. These reflect only those with which the district has a technology use agreement.