• Medication/Procedures in School.


    Sometimes it is necessary for children to receive medication and/or medical procedure(s) during school hours. Our medication and procedure policies are designed to safeguard all students.  Contact the school nurse for requests for medication administration and/or procedures at school.


    The medication policy covers both non-prescription and prescription medications that are needed for a short duration of time OR needed every day through the current school year.  In many cases, dosage intervals of medications can be adjusted so the times of dosage administration come outside school hours. If at all possible and under parent supervision, medications should be taken before arriving or after leaving school. See more information on the Medication at School document on the right side of this page. 


    Written requests for medication/procedures to be administered at school and must be signed and dated by both the prescribing health care provider and parent.  Download the Authorization for Medication/Procedure form on the right side of this page.


    Details and more information are listed on the second page of the Authorization for Medication/Procedure at School form.  By law, your school nurse must review all medication and procedure requests before your child can receive them at school. A non-nurse school employee may be delegated to administer medications/procedures.

Medication at School - Information

Authorization for Medication/Procedure at School