Equity Workgroup

Workgroup Overview


    2020-2021 Wildly Important Goals (WIGs)

    • WIG: The ratio of African American students with suspensions will decrease by 10% annually as measured by Significant Disproportionality ratio data. (From 37%  to 17% by 2023.)
      • Goal/Task 1: Training / Equity Learning Academy
        • Provide equity, diversity, and inclusion training for staff, families, and students
      • Goal/Task 2: Family Engagement
        • Strengthen relationships between schools, families, and the community to support student success
        • Develop targeted programs that engage and support families and students
      • Goal/Task 3: Males of Color Pledge / Significant Disproportionality
        • Increase support, mentoring, and tutoring for students
        • Revise suspensions and discipline policies, practices and procedures 


    Equity, Diversity, and Accountability Website https://www.usd259.org/Domain/4750

Workgroup Leaders