Student Engagement & Success Workgroup

Workgroup Overview


    2020-2021 Goals

    • Target 1: Review and Update district protocols by May 1, 2021 to ensure staff and students have quality, evidence-based curricular resources, clearly aligned to MTSS Processes in order to support student growth.
      • Goals/Task Force 1: Evaluate targeted resources listed on the Numeracy, Literacy, and Behavior protocols to ensure they are being used correctly and are supporting student growth.


    • Target 2: Ensure K-12 staff have the resources & skills necessary to support the implementation of WICOR by May 1, 2022.
      • Goals/Task Force 2: Develop checklists for WICOR strategies that can be used when coaching during the Impact Cycle by May 1, 2021. Develop an implementation and professional learning and sustainability plan using checklists for WICOR for the 2021-2022 school year by May 1, 2021.


    • Target 3: Ensure MS staff have the resources and skills necessary to support the implementation of SRG by May 1, 2021.
      • Goals/Task Force 3: MS Courses, Conversion Chart, Communication
        • Analyze and evaluate the Secondary Conversion Chart
        • Revisit/refine the communication and marketing plan for SRG
        • Ensure MS/HS SRG courses are ready for implementation


    Additional teams of stakeholders work with Curriculum & Instruction Specialists on IUG/Scales Development and Advisory Teams. The lists of participants is found below in the membership section. 

Workgroup Leaders

  • Michelle Drumright
    Executive Director of Learning Services and AVID

    Amanda Sharshel
    Executive Director, Elementary Curriculum & Instruction, Learning Services

    Holly Ingram
    Executive Director, Secondary Curriculum & Instruction, Learning Services