Supplier Portal Expectations:  Your supplier registration profile will be the primary way that you will have an opportunity to do business with USD259. Incomplete profiles may slow down the process as USD259 will need to request further information. It is your responsibility to maintain your profile with the most up-to-date contact information, W-9, and Debarment Form. Without this information, USD 259 may determine any responses to bids/quotes unresponsive and award to the next lowest bid/quote.


    NEW Supplier Registration: 


    New Suppliers are referred to as "Prospective Supplier". A prospective supplier will have their supplier profile set up and all initially requested information entered into their profile. They will have the ability to Bid/Quote on requests sent out by the Wichita Public Schools Buyers.




    Registered Suppliers that have already done business with Wichita Public Schools and plan to continue, or a supplier that has been awarded a recent quote or bid and has been promoted from Prospective  to Spend Authorized Supplier.


    To view current BIDS and ABSTRACT:



    Supplier Registration Instructions – Creating an Account

    Table of Contents:

    1. Supplier Portal Expectations
    2. Definitions
    3. Creating an Account


    Supplier Portal – General Navigation

    Table of Contents:

    1. Logging In
    2. Home Screen Overview
    3. The Supplier Portal
    4. Searching and Managing Search Results
    5. Saved Search and Watchlist


    Supplier Portal – Editing Your Profile

    Table of Contents:

    1. Navigating to Your Profile
    2. Change Requests
    3. Adding Bank Account Information


    Supplier Portal – Responding to a Negotiation

    Table of Contents:

    1. Invitation to Negotiations
    2. Searching for Active Negotiations
    3. Responding to Negotiations
    4. Revising a Response to a Negotiation
    5. Amendments to Negotiations