Meals During Quarantined Learning


    Whether a student, a classroom or an entire school is on quarantine, meals are available for students.


     If a student in your household is on quarantine and learning remotely, they are eligible to receive FREE breakfast and lunch for each day they are on quarantine. 


    To request meals, please complete this form:  Quarantine Meal Request Form


    Within 24 hours after submitting the form, you will receive an email confirmation with the date and time of meal pick up.  If you are unable to make your appointed pick up time, please call 973-2176.

    • Multiple student names can be placed on the form so only one form is needed for household with more than one student on quarantine
    • Children do not need to be present during meal pick up.
    • Pick up will occur at the School Service Center, 3850 N Hydraulic St. Wichita KS 67219
    • Pick up near door 43, at the south end of the building, between 1:30 and 2:30 pm
    • Up to five days’ worth of meals can be provided at a time; multiple pick up dates may be required for longer quarantine periods
    • All meals will be placed in a grab and go bag
    • Please try to maintain social distance during pick up
    • Meals are only available for students of Wichita Public Schools



    Menu will vary depending on product availablity.

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