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Student Meal Account Information


    An account is automatically set up for each student shortly after enrollment in USD 259.  Parents are encouraged to pay for meals in advance by making prepayments into their student's account(s).  Please consult your child's school for the charge policy.


    Two Purchase Options:

    1. General Account (most common) - allows students to purchase any item in the cafeteria; including complete plated meals, additional drinks/milk and á la carte (separately priced side/entree dishes) items.
    2. Meal Account (most restrictive) - ONLY allows students to purchase one complete plated meal per day at breakfast and/or lunch. With this account a student cannot purchase any other item in the cafeteria: including additional plated meals, drinks/milk, or any á la carte items.

    Students' accounts stay active for as long as students remain in USD 259. This means that if students change schools within the Wichita Public School District their balance will move with them. In addition, any money left in their account will remain from one school year to the next.


    Two Ways To Fund Accounts:

    1. Meal Prepayments at the School -  At the elementary schools, cash or check payments should be taken to the school office. At the middle and high schools, cash or check payments should be taken to the school cafeteria.  Payments go into the "General Account" unless you specify that you want part or all of your payment to go to the "Meal Account".
    2. Meal Payments Online or by Phone - Click Here - You can view transactions and make payments to your child's meal account online or add funds to a student's account by phone. In addition, you can designate how much of your payment goes into the "Meal Account" and how much goes into the "General Account".


    For the Board Policy regarding the Collection of Food Services Monies Click Here

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  • For suggestions, questions or concerns, contact Nutrition Services at 973-2160.

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Meal Prices

  • 2017-2018




    Full Price - $1.25

    Reduced - $0.30


    Full Price - $2.25

    Reduced - $.40




    Full Price - $1.35

    Reduced - $0.30


    Full Price - $2.40

    Reduced - $.40




    Full Price - $1.45

    Reduced - $0.30


    Full Price - $2.55

    Reduced - $.40


    Visitor Price***

    Breakfast - $2.10

    Lunch - $3.60

    Milk purchased alone or extra milk: 50¢

    *In Elementary Schools, please pay for the meal in the school office before going to the cafeteria.


    **In Middle and High Schools, please see the Cafeteria Manager to make a payment for the meal.


    ***Parents may purchase school meals to eat with their children.