• Elementary and Middle School Summer Programs

    Wichita Public School's elementary and middle school summer programs are for identified students who need additional academic support. Students will receive an invitation from their school to participate

    Visit www.usd259.org/latchkey for summer latchkey information.

    Click here for information on community summer programs.


    Elementary School Programs

    Summer Safari Camp

    June 7 - July 1

    Students will participate in English language arts and math instruction designed to address learning loss. Students at Anderson, Caldwell, Cessna, Colvin, Dodge, Enterprise, Gammon, Gardiner, Griffith, Harry Street, Irving, Isely, Kensler, Linwood, Little, McCollom, Minneha, Mueller, Seltzer, Christa McAuliffe Academy, Horace Mann and Gordon Parks Academy, identified as needing additional academic support will receive an invitation from their school.


    STEALTH Program

    May 31 - June 24 

    Students receive grade-level specific academic tutoring in math and language arts. Hands-on, experiential learning in the areas of Science, STEM, Leadership, Fine Arts, and Health & Wellness are integrated throughout the program and tied directly to grade-level standards. Targeted students at Adams, Cleaveland, Linwood, Ortiz, Park, Spaght, Washington and White will receive an invitation based on academic need.


    Middle School Programs

    Summer Exploration Camp

    June 7 - July 1

    Students will participate in English language arts and math instruction designed to address learning loss. Students at Christa McAuliffe Academy, Gordon Parks Academy, Hamilton, Horace Mann, Marshall, Mayberry, Mead, Robinson, Stucky and Wilbur,identified as needing additional academic support will receive an invitation from their school.


    8th Grade Math Bridge Academy at Allison

    June 7 - July 1

    Invited 8th grade students will study and prepare for a successful semester of Algebra I when they enter high school.