• We are excited to inform you that Stucky Middle School will offer a Middle School Summer School Program. The Summer School Program will start June 7th and will end July 1st and will be Monday-Thursday, with no summer school on Fridays.  Breakfast and Lunch will be served just like it is during the normal school year.  Breakfast will start at 8:00a.m. each morning.  Transportation will be provided to and from school each day from your closest elementary school.  We will start each instructional day at 8:30a.m. and will end at 11:30 a.m.  Students will be served lunch at 11:30a.m.and will depart for home at 11:50p.m. You will receive information in May about your student’s transportation pick up and drop off times.


    Please fill out the enrollment form by using the QR code or this link: https://forms.office.com/r/JqiHgzgEU3. If you have any questions or concerns with the enrollment process, you may contact the school office at 316-973-8400.  Please confirm by Friday April 30, 2021. 


    Enrollment QR Code