• Student Accident Insurance

    Student Accident Insurance is a voluntary option that provides financial assistance with out-of-pocket medical expenses when a student sustains an accidental injury. Student Accident Insurance will assist parents and caregivers with high insurance deductibles until a student's primary insurance takes over, can be the primary accident insurance policy for your student, and/or provides coverage for co-pays not covered under other insurance policies. More information about Student Accident Insurance is listed below.

Student Accident Insurance Premiums and Coverage

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  • Student Technology Insurance

    Parents/Guardians are responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to technological devices assigned to their students. Wichita Public Schools has initiated a Voluntary Technology Protection Program to assist Parents/Guardians with this risk. By paying an affordable one-time premium, your student will be enrolled in technology insurance for the full school year. For more detailed information on the insurance program, please review all the information below.