Meal Prices for the 21-22 School Year

    USD 259 will not be changing student meal prices for the 21-22 school year. Adult/Visitor prices are being evaluated. 
    Updated 7/9/21 9 pm





    Student Meal Accounts

    • An account is automatically set up for each student shortly after enrollment in USD 259. This year, meals are free to students so meal payments will not be required, however parents can make a deposit into their student's account(s) for ala carte purchases.
    • Students' accounts stay active for as long as students remain in USD 259. This means that if a student changes schools within the Wichita Public School District their balance will move with them.



    There are 2 ways to fund student meal accounts:

    1. Titan Parent Portal Payment (see information below for further details)
    2. Payment at your student’s school - At the elementary schools, cash or check payments should be taken to the school office. At the middle and high schools, cash or check payments should be taken to the school cafeteria (after checking in at the school’s office).





    Adults (Non-Staff) Meal Accounts

    We love it when parents, grandparents, or other family members choose to eat with a student during their lunch or breakfast. Please refer to the Adult/Visitor prices above for the cost of a meal.


    If you plan on eating at an elementary, K-8, or special school, please check in and make a payment at the school office before going to the cafeteria. You will need to bring exact change for your meal until you have an meal account, unless you want to donate the rest to a student in need. If you plan on eating at a middle school or high school, you will need to check in at the school office when you first arrive, but the payments should be taken to the school cafeteria.


    If eating at school is something you plan to do often, please click on the link to request an Adult (Non-Staff) Meal Account. We strongly encourage that all non-staff member adults set-up a meal account.


    • Once you complete the registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing your ID number within 3-5 business days. You will need this number to load your account with funds on family.titank12.com (when this option becomes available) or at a WPS school.
    • By filling out the form and requesting an account, you are agreeing to allow your funds to be donated to a student in need if you do not utilize your account during the school year. The donation will occur in June following the school year with inactivity. Once this has occurred, it is not reversible.


    If you have any questions, please contact us! Our contact info is at the bottom of this page.


    adult meal acct



    Meal Account Refund Request

    A Meal Account Refund Request is required for: 
    • All refunds over $20
    • If the student or staff member is inactive
    • There is not enough cash on hand at the school to perform the refund
    • The request is for a non-staff adult meal account.


    This process allows you to either request the refund, or elect to transfer or donate your remaining balance.


    All Student Meal Account and Staff Adult Meal Account refund requests must be made before the end of the school year within 1 year of student withdrawal date or staff termination/retirement date or remaining funds will be donated to benefit a district student in need.


    All Non-Staff Adult Meal Account refund requests must be made before the end of the school year within 1 year of last transaction or remaining funds will be donated to benefit a district student in need.


    For Student Meal Account Refunds, checks will only be issued to individuals listed as parent/guardian in the district's Student Information System. Please allow 30 days for the request to be processed. Requests submitted after May 25th and before August 1st will be processed in August.


    If you have any questions regarding your student's meal account balance, our contact information is at the bottom of this page.





    Board of Education Policy

    For the Board Policy regarding the Collection of Food Services Monies Click Here

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    1. Why are there 2 payments systems (for meals and fees)? The district has made the decision to maintain 2 payment systems. Titan is used by the district for Meal Payments and MyPaymentsPlus is used by the district for school and latchkey fee payments.
    2. Are there instructions for meal payments? Yes! Please click the language you wish to view the Quick Reference Guides: EnglishSpanishVietnamese
    3. Can I make payments on my phone? Absolutely! You can use your cell phone to pay by either downloading the Titan Family Connect App to your phone or by visiting the Titan Parent Portal at family.titank12.com. The Titan Parent Portal is mobile responsive, which makes using your phone or tablet easy!
    4. Who do I contact if I have questions about meal accounts or fee payments? If you have questions regarding meal payments and student accounts, contact Nutrition Services (our contact information is at the bottom of this page). If you have questions regarding school, latchkey, or activity fees, please contact your child's school



    Your Nutrition Services Financial Team




    If you have a question about Meal Payments or Meal Accounts:



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