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    How to Create a Titan Parent Portal Account and Link Your Students

    Need a little help? Click on the link below to see a short video on how to create a Titan Parent Portal account and how to link your students.
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    Titan Parent Portal

    1. What is it? The Titan Parent Portal is a system used by parents to make online ala carte payments, and to monitor and regulate your student’s spending
    2. How do I get there? Easy! You can click on the link in the section above, go to family.titank12.com on your computer or phone, or you can download the Titan Family Connect app from your app store.
    3. Are there instructions? Yes! Quick Reference Guides: EnglishSpanishVietnamese and additional FAQ's EnglishSpanish
    4. How do I log on? Check out the video link about on how to create a Titan Parent Portal account!
    5. What information do I need to create an account? All you need is a valid email address (you will be required to authenticate your email by clicking a link sent via email after signing up for an account)
    6. What information do I need to link my students? Student ID and student name (exactly as it is in ParentVue). If you need additional help, please contact your child’s school or the Nutrition Services Department using the contact information on the bottom of this page.
    7. Will I have to pay an additional fee when I make a payment? Currently parents are not charged a fee
    8. How quickly after I make a payment will it be available for my student to use? Immediately
    9. Is it available in other languages? Yes. In the Titan Parent Portal, under Profile, there is an option to choose other languages. The district has English and Spanish available.
    10. Is it secure? Absolutely! Titan is protected by 256 bit SSL encryption between all browsers and their centralized data center.
    11. Do I need an account if I'm directly certified? Once your direct certification is processed by Nutrition Services, you have the ability to see status changes as they occur on your linked students, as well as all the great things listed above that you can do in Titan




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