College Testing Information

  • East High School ACT code is 173-206


    ACT:  American College Testing Program

    ACT is used by all Kansas schools for admissions purposes.  The cost for 2021-2022 is $60 for the ACT and $85 if the student wishes to take the ACT plus Writing Test. To register online, go to Registration must be completed by the deadline to avoid a $30 late fee. 

    ACT Test Dates                 Registration Deadlines

    September 11, 2021                  August 6, 2021

    October 23, 2021                      September 17, 2021

    December 11, 2021                   November 5, 2021

    February 12, 2022                     January 7, 2022

    April 2, 2022                             February 25, 2022

    June 11, 2022                           May 6, 2022              

    July 16, 2022                            June 17, 2022


    SAT:  Scholastic Aptitude Test

    SAT is used by schools for admissions purposes, typically your east or west coast institutions.  The cost for 2021-2022 is $52 for the SATand $68 if the student wishes to take the SAT plus Writing Test. To register online, go to SAT Registration | College Board. Registration must be completed by the deadline to avoid a $30 late fee. 

    SAT Test Dates                 Registration Deadlines

    August 28, 2021                       TBD

    October 2, 2021                        TBD

    November 6, 2021                     TBD

    December 4, 2022                     TBD

    March 12, 2022                         TBD

    May 7, 2022                              TBD            

    June 4, 2022                             TBD


    PSAT/NMSQT Information

    The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) will be given to interested sophomores and juniors. Students will receive registration information in their English classes in September.  The registration fee will be approximately $18. 

    PSAT/NMSQT Test Date                                  

    Primary: Wed, October 13, 2021                     


    SAT I:  Scholastic Aptitude Test

    The SAT I is used by many colleges outside the state of Kansas in making admissions decisions.  The SAT I Test measures critical reading, math, and writing skills.  The registration fee is currently $62.00. Late registration is an additional $30.  Students can register online at 


    SAT II:  Subject Tests

    SAT II Subject tests are one-hour examinations in specific subjects such as English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Language.  The tests are used to demonstrate to colleges a student’s mastery in a particular area.  Students may take up to three exams in one sitting.  The basic registration fee is $26 plus $22 for each subject test and $26 for each language exam.  More exams could be taken on a different day for an additional fee.  Selective colleges may require up to three SAT II subject tests.  Some colleges designate which tests; others allow the student to choose.  The SAT I and SAT II cannot be taken on the same test date.  Refer to for test dates and more information.

Last Modified on August 19, 2021