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    Wichita Public Schools is proud to have been selected to join Verizon Innovative Learning program cohort 8. As part of this program 12 schools will be provided with a comprehensive education package that includes an iPad for every student and teacher, up to a four-year data plan on each device, access to technology-rich curricula that provides a personalized learning experience and extensive professional development for teachers. A full-time technology coach in each school, partially funded through Verizon Innovative Learning, partners with teachers to provide ongoing support to effectively integrate the technology in classroom instruction. 

    Since 2014, Verizon, in partnership with Digital Promise, has launched this initiative in 152 middle schools nationwide. Our 12 buildings are among 100 new schools expected to join Verizon Innovative Learning for this school year. Verizon Innovative Learning aims to enhance student engagement and improve student academic performance.

    Over the course of the initiative, Verizon Innovative Learning intends to also provide the opportunity for students to learn emerging technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D design and the Internet of Things. 




    About Verizon Innovative Learning

    Verizon Innovative Learning, Verizon's education initiative targeting Title 1 middle schools, addresses barriers to digital inclusion. The program provides free 1:1 devices, free Internet across access and a technology-driven curricula with the goal to transform the learning experience. Through exposure to cutting-edge technology, the program enables students to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to build an innovative workforce of the future. Since 2012, Verizon Innovative Learning has committed a total of $400 million in STEM education efforts in support of digital inclusion. In 2019, Verizon launched its first 5G-enabled Verizon Innovative Learning classroom, with the goal of 100 by 2021. 


    Family Resources

    As part of the initiative your child will be participating in some important data collection activities. Specifically, your child will complete a short survey about his/her use of learning technologies and interest in academic subjects.  This survey will be administered during the school day at five points in time: fall of 2020, spring of 2021, spring of 2022, spring of 2023, and spring of 2024

    Your child is not required to participate in this study. These activities are completely voluntary and he/she may stop at any time. No individual information about your child or about your child’s classroom will be reported or shared. All information will be kept confidential and your child’s participation will not affect your child’s grades. If you would like to opt out of the survey please download and fill out this form. Form Link

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