• Scholarships can be received from your college or from outside sources. Be sure to check your school's deadlines for admissions and if they require any additional applications or requirements to apply for their scholarships (essays, recommendation letters, videos, interview, etc.) Some scholarships may have requirements, such as a minimum GPA and/or ACT/SAT scores. Some may just require an application. There are tons of resources to help you find free money for college, but always make sure it is from a trusted source to avoid scams. If you have to pay to apply for scholarships, verify with a school or trusted adult before proceeding with the application process - asking for payment is a red flag!


    Remember, if you want to be awarded money, you cannot just apply for one scholarship. The more you apply for, the more opportunity you provide yourself. No scholarship is a guarantee, so apply for multiple to increase your chances! 


    Looking for scholarships? Here are some resources to get you started: