Northeast Magnet CCC Overview

  • Welcome to the Northeast Magnet College and Career Center, also referred to as the CCC. Here, our Griffins will be assisted in navagating their next steps and options after graduation. There are many ways your CCC can help you accomplish this task, but knowing where to start is your first start. Here are just a few areas where the CCC can assist you in your next steps discover:

    • Exploring and applying to colleges
    • Exploring and applying for scholarships 
    • Understanding how to fund your college education
    • FAFSA help
    • Registering and preparing for the ACT/SAT and ASVAB tests
    • Exploring military branches and connecting with local recruiters
    • Exploring career options
    • Finding internships/summer programs
    • Assistance with next step questions and concerns

Contact Information

  • Macey Neal


    Located in Room C211


    College and Military reps:

    Please book your visit to Northeast Magnet through RepVisits