Dreamers & DACA Students

  • Although planning life after high school is stressful for all students, making these decisions as a DREAMer or DACA recipient comes with additional challenges.  This is why I want to assure you that the CCC is a safe place for you to come and get the help you need, whether you are planning on college, employment, or other options.



    Currently, under Kansas House Bill 2145, students who graduate and completed at least three years at a Kansas high school are eligible to pay in-state tuition at a public community college or state university in Kansas. Students will need to fill out and submit a special form, called an affidavit, to the college they plan on attending. Dreamers who do not qualify for House Bill 2145 must pay international tuition rates.



    Colleges generally prefer you apply online. However, sometimes a college’s application can be tricky for Dreamers. The application may direct you to their international application in error. Most colleges will want you to complete the regular, domestic admissions application (even though it may appear to direct you elsewhere). Visit the College Career Center (CCC) or contact the college’s admission office for guidance.



    Dreamers are not eligible for federal student aid and therefore generally do not complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To be eligible for federal student aid, you must be a US citizen, a permanent resident or have an I-551C visa or an arrival-departure record (I-94).  It can be tough watching friends and classmates be awarded federal student aid when you are not eligible. This is why preparing to apply for scholarships will be vital for you to help fund your education.



    Although there will be other local, state, and national scholarships that DREAMers are eligible for, here are some scholarship resources specifically for DREAMers.

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    The Dream.Us

    My Undocumented Life