College Visit Sign Up - After Lunch (5th Hour)

  • Colleges are scheduled for lunch visits on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week. These college visits will be located in The Commons, next to the College & Career Center. For our Freshman and Sophomores, this is a perfect opportunity to visit colleges and get an idea of the different types of schools out there. Remember, there are around 4000 colleges out there. These daily visits will allow you to see a taste of what is out there for you. 


    For Seniors and Juniors that would like to spend an additional 1:1 time with the college admissions counselor, you must sign up at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled visit. Because a majority of colleges have gone test optional and have minimum requirements of a 2.25 GPA OR a 21 ACT, our East High students must also have these minimum requirements in order to sign up. Why, you ask? Because this 1:1 time is during 5th hour and our students need to be on target for applying to these colleges.


    1:1 availability is limited to 16 students and is based on a first come, first served basis. Seniore will be given priority. You must be registered 24 hours prior to the visit; no exceptions. Please also note that signing up to meet with these colleges does not guarantee that your teacher will allow you to miss a portion of their 5th hour class. Your teacher will have final approval to release you from class on your requested 1:1 visit with the college recruiter.


    Scheduled visits are updated weekly and are subject to change at any given time. For school closings, always refer to the District calendar for official dates. 


    Monday 31-Jan  
    Tuesday 1-Feb WSU Tech
    Thursday 3-Feb  
    Friday 4-Feb Friends University Cancelled
    Monday 7-Feb  
    Tuesday 8-Feb  
    Thursday 10-Feb Grand Canyon University
    Friday 11-Feb  
    Monday 14-Feb Cowley College
    Tuesday 15-Feb  
    Thursday 17-Feb  
    Friday 18-Feb  
    Monday 21-Feb  
    Tuesday 22-Feb  
    Thursday 24-Feb  
    Friday 25-Feb Ottawa University
    Monday 28-Feb  
    Tuesday 1-Mar Butler Community College
    Thursday 3-Mar  
    Friday 4-Mar  
Last Modified on February 1, 2022