• Student Technology Insurance


    Parents/Guardians are responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to the technology device assigned to their students. To protect against this risk, Wichita Public Schools has initiated a voluntary Technology Protection Program.


    The Parent/Guardian may enroll in the Voluntary Technology Protection Program for the 2021-22 school year by paying a one-time, annual fee of $30 per device due in full by 09/03/21 or within 2 weeks of enrollment. This item is not eligible for an agreement to pay. MyPaymentsPlus is an approved method of payment until 09/03/21.


    Click here to make payments in My Payments Plus. 


    Following 09/03/21, payments may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card to your school clerk. If the parent/guardian allows income disclosure, there is an opportunity for a reduced insurance premium.


    Participation in this program is voluntary, but it is important for Parents/Guardians to understand that those declining to participate in the Voluntary Technology Protection Program will be responsible for the actual cost to replace or repair damaged, lost, or stolen technology devices.


    Parents or guardians must also complete the Student Technology Parent Sign off Form to complete the insurance enrollment process. This applies even if you paid for technology insurance during enrollment. You can access the form through this link: https://forms.office.com/r/ji3Gw8HuVn.



    Technology Protection Program Coverage: By participating in the Voluntary Technology Protection Program (“the Program”), Technology Devices will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the Parent/Guardian, except as provided below:

    1. Unexplained Loss or Mysterious Disappearance: The Parent/Guardian will be responsible for the loss of any Technology Device absent evidence satisfactory to Wichita Public Schools that the Technology Device was stolen.
    2. Failure to Notify Police If Device is stolen: If a Technology Device is stolen, the Parent/Guardian must notify the police immediately. The Program does not provide coverage of loss attributable to theft if participants fail to notify the police immediately upon discovery.
    3. Intentional Acts: The Program will not cover a loss caused by intentional damage or destruction of a Technology Device covered under this policy.
    4. Dishonest Acts: The Program will not cover any loss caused by dishonesty or illegal acts.
    5. Theft from An Unattended Vehicle: The Program will not cover the theft of a Technology Device from an unattended vehicle, or damage allegedly inflicted when a Technology Device is within an unattended vehicle, unless it is shown that the vehicle was securely locked, its windows fully closed, and there is visible evidence that entry into the vehicle was forced.
    6. Unauthorized Repairs: The Program will not cover damages attributable to repairs attempted or completed by third-party technicians.
    7. Non-Timely Reporting: The Program will not cover damage or loss that is not reported within 3 days.


    Wichita Public Schools will decide in the exercise of its discretion if a damaged Technology Device is to be repaired, replaced, or if the circumstances of the damage or loss are covered through the Voluntary Technology Protection Program. Wichita Public Schools’ determinations will be final.