• The purpose of the Future Ready Advocate is to serve schools that have a disproportionate rate of suspension of At-Risk students. The Advocate will be a pivotal member of the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Accountability team that works collaboratively to address the needs of At-Risk students. The work of the Future Ready Advocate may extend beyond the school setting to include residential and community settings. Working with parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators the Future Ready Advocate will implement strategies that build positive relationships with At-Risk students utilizing school and community resources. 

    In addition to administrator referral, Future Ready Advocates (FRAs) use real-time data to track students in middle and high schools who are frequently targeted for discipline infractions. The FRAs mentor the students and form a relationship with them, working on self awareness, social awareness, responsible decision making, and peer relationships. The goal is to not only help with behavioral issues and academics, but to teach life skills to students to ensure they are future ready.