• North High students are eligible for the WSU Tech JumpStart Program. The JumpStart program is designed for high school students to get a jump on a college degree or a career with tuition-free or reduced-cost classes from WSU Tech. These courses earn students college credit and provide a "dual credit" option for earning elective credit in high school.


    The FALL 2024 Block Programming application will OPEN in March 2024! You must apply during March 2024 and complete the Block enrollment form in the student portal to be considered to the program.


    Please click here to view FREE TUITION Block Programs for Fall. Block programs are set for 1/2 day of high school courses at your school and the other 1/2 of the day spent working on college courses at WSU Tech with WSU Tech professors.


    Please visit with your counselor or CCC to discuss forms and turn in completed paperwork to be submitted to the district. Counselors and parents must sign off on enrollment forms to ensure you are eligible for courses.



    Open Enrollment Form - for students planning to take CTE courses outside of their normal school day (students responsible for books/materials/tools required for courses)

    Student Consent to Release Education Records - for all students planning to take Jump Start courses

    TB Skin Test - required for students entering into certain programs

    FREE Technical Course Listing - list of CTE courses offered by WSU Tech with FREE Tuition for high school students (students responsible for books/materials/tools required for courses)

    CTE Student/Parent Agreement Form - for all Chester Lewis students planning to participate in any JumpStart courses. Must be signed and returned to Chester Lewis Student Support Services.