Taleo - Applicant Quick Guide


    Review your application and answers thoroughly.

    Incomplete and inaccurate applications may cause delays in processing or not be processed at all.

  • This guide covers frequently asked questions for navigating Taleo. There are FAQs specifically for internal applicants as well as all applicants.

    Where do I apply for jobs in Wichita Public Schools?

    • Applicants can apply through the Wichita Public Schools Careers site
    • Select the category that pertains to you
      • Internal Applicant– You are already employed by Wichita Public Schools
      • External Applicant – You would like to apply to work in Wichita Public Schools

FAQ for Internal Applicants

  • I am an internal applicant, how do I log in?

  • I am an internal applicant, what information is already in Taleo the first time I go in?

  • As an internal applicant, how do I change my phone number or address?

  • I am an internal applicant, where do I upload documents such as resume, transcripts, certifications, etc.?

  • What is the file limit size?

FAQ for All Applicants

  • How do I search for positions?

  • How do I set up an account?

  • What if I forget my log in information?

  • Where do I see if I submitted my application and the status?

  • What if I didn’t receive an email regarding a position or can’t find it?

  • Why did I get an email asking me to submit references?

  • I’m applying for paraeducator positions. Why is it asking me about a Para PD Now Assessment?

  • What if I have additional questions regarding Taleo?