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    Welcome to Multilingual Education Services!

    The Multilingual Education Services (MES) staff is prepared to serve and assist Wichita Public Schools' English Language Learners and their families. The MES Center is the home of several Wichita Public Schools services, including:

    • Newcomer Intake Center
    • Migrant Education Program
    • Wichita Family Learning Program
    • District Translation Services
    • Language Line

    The Newcomer Intake Center

    This is the central point of contact in the Wichita Public Schools for students and families who are new to the district and have a language other than English in their backgrounds. At MES, students' English language skills are tested so that they are placed in the best program for their English proficiency, and parents receive assistance completing enrollment paperwork. MES staff members are also prepared to answer parents' questions about the Wichita Public Schools and provide information about community resources. The Newcomer Intake Center is open from 8 - 3:30 Monday through Thursday, and closed on Friday.

    Language Line 

    Reach the Language Line at 316-866-8000 (Spanish), 316-866-8003 (Vietnamese), and 316-866-8045 (for any Other language). The Language Line staff is available to assist families and school personnel from 7:30 - 5:00 Monday through Friday.

    Migrant Education Program (MEP)

    This federal program helps migrant children access the same educational opportunities as all other children. Through this program, services above and beyond other local and federal programs are provided to students who qualify so that they can succeed academically. Migrant students are students who have moved across school district boundaries in the past 3 years in order to get work related to agriculture or meat processing. Migrant students are eligible for services from ages 3 through 21.

    Wichita Family Learning Program

    For parents and adult family members of ESOL or Title I programs, the Wichita Family Learning Program provides a variety of free adult ESOL classes across the district. Childcare is provided for all classes, and Kid's Club Homework and Tutoring assistance is provided for students whose parents are participating in evening classes. Contact 866-8029 for more information.

    District Translation Services

    We provide on-site interpretation for parents, students and school personnel, written translation for communication with parents, and the Language Line. All translation and interpretation services are available in Spanish and Vietnamese. Through various additional resources, interpretation in many other languages is also available as needed.


    Home Language Survey 


Contact Us

  • Multilingual Education Services

    Dunbar Service Center
    923 Cleveland, Wichita, KS 67218
    Phone: 316-866-8000
    Fax: 316-866-8028


    Shannon Benoit
    Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    316-866-8000 (for assistance in languages other than English)


    Ana Reyes
    Administrative Assistant


  • Multilingual Education Services' Newcomer Intake Center is open from 8:30 - 3:00 Monday – Thursday for testing. The Newcomer Intake Center will be closed on Fridays for testing. Please bring proof of address and proof of birth date when coming to the Intake Center. The entire process of testing and completing initial enrollment forms will take at least 2 hours for Kindergarten - 12th grade students.

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