• College Map

    Colleges come in all shapes and sizes. Some colleges have classes with over 300 students, and some colleges have classes with no more than 30 students! Comparing colleges helps you determine which ones you for sure want to visit and which ones you don't. The college search is about finding schools that match your abilities and interests, as well as helping you to reach your personal goals. When considering whether a school "fits" you, think about: size, location, cost, distance from home, programs of study, extracurricular activities, diversity, and student life, among others.  Finding schools that "fit" also allows you to prioritize which colleges you would like to apply to. Starting junior year, you should start creating a college list. Creating a college list is the first, most basic step in the college application process. Not only does it help a student develop goals, but it also helps to inspire action. 


    How Many Schools Should I Apply To?


    Dream Schools (choose 1-2)

    This is the school that you put on your list so that you don't have regrets later in life. However, try to be somewhat reasonable. If your baseline GPA and test scores fall within the acceptable range (think 25th percentile), take your shot! After all, it would be a dream if you got in. 


    Reach Schools (choose 4-6)

    These are schools in which you have about a 25% chance of getting in. Apply to as many reach schools as you have time for, you may have the exact qualities that a particular admissions counselor is looking for. Give it a try! The more reach schools you apply to, the better your odds are of gaining admissions to at least one - and one is all you need. 


    Target Schools (choose 3-4)

    These are schools in which you have a 25-75% chance of getting in based on your GPA and test scores. If you are looking at the school's admissions portfolio and thinking "that sounds like me," then that school is a target school. You don't need to apply to lots of target schools if you have assessed them properly and determined that these are the schools you're most likely to choose if not accepted to any reach schools. 


    Safety Schools (choose 2-3) 

    As with target schools, you don't need to apply to too many safety schools if they are, indeed, safe. These should be schools where you have a 75% or better chance of getting in. When you look at the profiles for these schools, your profile should fall at the high end of what they look for.