• Arrival and Dismissal Traffic 

    Traffic is always challenging during arrival and dismissal time. Unfortunately we do not have enough parking spots that are in close proximity. Please plan to park and walk up to pick up your student. 

    Open places for parking: 

    • North side of Diane along the curb 
    • South side of Diane in marked parking spots 
    • West side of Millwood in front drive (avoid bus lane) 
    • Some parking along the East side of Glenn 


    Places to avoid parking: 

    • East side of Millwood across from the school as marked 
    • Bus lane in front drive 
    • East side of Glenn near 31st Street where marked 


    If you would prefer a drive-thru drop off/pick up location, please enter in the North parking lot. Part of this parking lot will be designated as a drive thru with two lanes. The right lane is designed for cars dropping off or picking up students. The left lane is designed for cars who have already dropped off or picked up their students. Please enter this parking lot through the west entrance and exit through the east entrance. Please do not allow students to get out of or into a car if they are in the left lane. 


    Important Notes: 

    Left lane: Students are not allowed to exit vehicle in this lane. Drive through traffic only! 

    Right lane: Be prepared to STOP in this lane to drop off/pick up students. Do not park and get out of your vehicle or stop and not pull forward. This lane needs to continue to pull forward to fill in gaps and drivers wait until they have all of their riders before exiting to the left lane.