• Visitors and Volunteers 

    Our district uses the Hall Pass screening system that checks IDs prior to admission into the building. Please bring your ID with you if you have a scheduled meeting in the building or are there for a prearranged event. All volunteers must be registered before they can begin.


    Volunteer Registration Process

    Before being placed, volunteers must do the following:

    1) Complete the online application located on the Wichita Public Schools website. www.usd259.org/volunteerregistration. This form can be translated to Spanish and Vietnamese using the translate function in the upper right corner of the form. Those without computer or smart device access at home can complete the electronic form on site at a school.

    2) Undergo a criminal background check conducted by WPS once the registration is received. Volunteers who pass the background check will be contacted to continue in the registration and placement process.

    3) Once the background check is complete, volunteer information will be sent to the site coordinator at the school(s) that the volunteer indicated interest in on the registration form. From there, the site coordinator will work with school staff and the volunteer to ensure placement based on the volunteer’s interest and building needs.


    Note: Volunteers must complete a new form every year.

    Clearance or approval of volunteers WPS requires anyone interested in volunteering to register. WPS reserves the right to determine whether a volunteer is a good fit and possesses suitable skills for the district, school or department. The district also reserves the right to end the volunteer relationship at any time for any reason, or to not accept a volunteer for any reason at any time.



    For those wishing to participate in a volunteer opportunity, please contact Susan at 973-4170. All volunteers must complete a registration process annually that includes a background check. If you have a need to visit the classroom, a teacher, or staff member, please contact the office to get this scheduled.