• Before and After School

    We are always concerned about student safety to and from school.  Parents and students should discuss the following safety procedures:

    1. Students should not arrive prior to 8:50am as there is no supervision until that time.
    2. Cross at the crosswalks or corner of the streets.
    3. Do not go between cars to enter a stopped car in the street or the parking lot.
    4. Walk on sidewalks whenever and wherever possible.
    5. Go directly home after dismissal time. If your child is not home within a reasonable time after school, please notify the school immediately. Students may ride a bike to school but be sure to have a lock and park in the designated bike rack. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.
    6. Everyone is expected to walk their bike when they’re on school property.
    7. The playground is not to be used before or after school as we do not provide supervision and want to keep everyone safe. Latchkey might be using that area during those timeframes under the supervision of latchkey staff. After the dismissal time ends at 4:20pm, families are allowed to use the playground as they desire.