Building Repair


  • Building Repair is a work unit consisting of twelve employees and has a pronounced role in maintaining over 100 district-owned buildings by performing all wood, brick, stone, and plaster repairs to the inside and outside of buildings. We maintain all floors, ceilings, walls, including various sizes of floor tiles and all types of ceramic floors. We patch holes in walls that are Sheetrock, block, brick, glazed blocks and plaster. We repair ceilings that are various tile sizes as well. We repair wood floors including any termite damage. Among these various duties, we also perform these tasks:
    • Stud walls, wood or metal
    • Insulate
    • Install door jambs, wood or metal
    • Hang doors, wood or metal
    • Install locks
    • Hang Sheetrock, mud and tape to finish wall
    • Prep walls for paint
    • Install new suspended ceilings and repair or replace old suspended ceilings
    • Cut holes in walls for plumbers
    • Put walls back together after plumbing is complete
    • Assist with asbestos removal
    • Install floor tiles in hallways and classrooms
    • Install new ceramic tiles in bathrooms
    • Build new walls