• Frequently Asked Questions: 

    Q: Who is eligible to receive assistance through the Friendship Fund?

    A: Any active benefited employee.


    Q: How much assistance can I receive?

    A: The amount of financial assistance is based on the number of years an individual is employed by the district, and funds available through United Way campaign contributions.


    Q: Are there certain criteria that I have to meet to be eligible to receive help through the Friendship Fund?

    A: The committee considers crisis situations or unusual life circumstances that brought the employee into a difficult financial situation.


    Q: Who is on the Friendship Fund committee?

    A: The Friendship Fund was created in 1957. The by-laws state that there shall be the following representation:

    6 members appointed by Wichita Teachers Union

    1 member appointed by the Wichita Educational Administration Association

    1 member appointed by Wichita Association of Educational Office Personnel

    3 members appointed by Service Employees Union Local 513

    1 member appointed by Technical/Supervisory Group

    1 member appointed by the Superintendent of Schools


    Q: How often does the committee meet to make decisions?

    A: The Friendship Fund committee meets once a month.


    Q: What do I have to do to see if I am eligible?

    A: An employee fills out the form from the district website, titled “Friendship Fund Application.” Then send the form to  Michelle Phillips, FAX to 973-4767, or mail to Hilary Trudo, AMAC, Wichita Public Schools, 903 S Edgemoor, Wichita, KS 67218. Michelle Phillips, Administrative Assistant for Friendship Fund, will call or email the applicant to schedule a time for the employee to talk with the committee at the monthly meeting. The committee reviews the completed form and asks the employee clarifying questions.  A decision is made and conveyed at that meeting.


    Q: When can I receive help?

    A: After meeting with the employee, if the committee determines that the Friendship Fund is able to assist, the employee will be notified immediately.


    Q: Will I receive cash assistance?

    A: If approved, a check(s) made out to the person(s) or association(s) which is owed money, and up to the maximum amount approved, will be mailed out to those who is owed.



    Rev 07/01/2024