• Who We Are


    There is a direct correlation between a healthy mind and body and learning.  We encourage the growth of the whole child. We promote drinking plenty of water, healthy eating, physical activity and overall health.  Students eat lunch with their teacher in the classroom to facilitate wellness learning.  This time is spent building healthy relationships and learning healthy eating tips.

    Active students do better in school because of increased concentration and attention.  Active students also have improved attendance and discipline, which is why our students have additional activity built into their day.  The learning process is a combination of strategic teaching techniques and physical body and brain health.

    What We Offer

    Woodland is dedicated to preparing students to excel in all fields of study by equipping them with real world skills.  The staff, parents, and community form an active partnership to empower every student to reach their highest potential.  Woodland’s magnet theme revolves around health and wellness of the total person.  We build a strong focus on social emotional health and physical health by instilling a philosophy of healthy choices for all students.

    Points of Pride

    • Partnership with Kansas Health Foundation
    • Partnership with Kansas Extension Office
    • Outdoor Classroom
    • Garden
    • 40 minutes of Daily Structured Activity
    • Lunch with the Teacher