• Watch out for companies that offer "student debt relief" for a fee -- there may be individuals or entities falsely asserting affiliation with the U.S. Department of Education, claiming to be a governmental agency while offering services that are readily available for free through FedLoan/Mohela. You never have to pay for help.

  • The student loan payment pause is extended until the U.S. Department of Education is permitted to implement the debt relief program or the litigation is resolved. Payments will restart 60 days later. If the debt relief program has not been implemented and the litigation has not been resolved by June 30, 2023, payments will resume 60 days after that. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What's the EIN (Employer Identification Number)?

  • Do I need to make consecutive payments to qualify for PSLF?

  • What types of public service jobs will qualify me for loan forgiveness under the PSLF Program?

  • I am a teacher who does not teach over the summer break. If I make payments during the summer, do those payments count toward PSLF?

  • What if I make my last qualifying payment while working for a qualifying employer, but then leave that job to work for a for-profit corporation before applying for the PSLF benefit. Am I still eligible for PSLF?

  • I made qualifying PSLF payments on my Direct Loans and then consolidated those loans. Do the payments I made before consolidation still count toward PSLF?

  • Are private education loans eligible for PSLF?

  • Are Direct Loans that are in default eligible for PSLF?

  • Are Direct PLUS Loans eligible for PSLF?

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  • Once you have spoken to your Loan Servicer, you certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that all of the information provided within this form is true and correct:


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