The TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behaviors) Classroom

  • Teaching for Artistic Behavior:

    This is a philosophy of choice-based Art Education that focuses on the students, their interests, and their ideas.  Students are viewed as authentic artists, and groups of material are made available and introduced to the students on by one (Douglas & Jaquith, 2009).  As their Art Teacher, I act as a guide and mentor to students as they problem-solve and explore. I challenge students to add more meaning to their work and incorporate personal experiences. I also serve as their resident artists and specialist by determining the appropriate standards and content to introduce next. This helps students determine the most effective materials or methods to make their ideas come to life. The typical outline for a TAB lesson is as follows:

    1. Beginning: 5-7 minute teacher demonstration consisting of art history, new materials/techniques, studio habits, etc. This time builds on what the students experienced in previous classes and is informed by what I observe students need.
    2. Studio Time: 30 minutes of student work time where they develop personal interests and idea into art form. I challenge them to think like artists though mini-conferences and one-on-one lessons during this time.
    3. Clean-up & Reflection: the last 5-10 minutes of class students work to return materials, store artwork, and clean up their workspace. Students will then gather for a chance to discuss their projects and what they learned with the whole group, small groups or individually.