Family Supports

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    KCSL Crisis Nursery

    Crisis Nursery is a case management program that can assist families with emergency childcare for children 0-5 when unexpected situations occur.  This program can also help with school-aged children based on availability of funding.

    Program Contact: Victoria Raigosa or 316-942-4261 x1312


    KCSL Fatherhood Program

    The Fatherhood Program uses the 24/7 ®  evidence-based educational program. It creates changes in pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes and skills. It is 8-12 sessions and can be offered in a variety of timeframes, either in a group setting or individually. Many fathers that are referred to the program do not have custody or access to their children. They will utilize this program in hopes of gaining visitation or full custody of their children.

    Program Contact: William Eckels or 316-942-4261 x1313


    KCSL Kinship Navigator Program  

    The Kinship Navigator helps families that are caring for children that are not biologically their own this could be a grandparent, relative, or family friend.  They help navigate families through the legal guardianship process as well as connect them with services, benefits needed to care for the children in their home and help overcome potential issues and barriers they may face. 

    Program Contact:  Lola Loredo or 316-942-4261 x1328