• Testing for Lead in Drinking Water

    A key component to the Wichita Public Schools’ Strategic Plan is to ensure schools are trusted as safe places. One of the ways we are making sure our schools are safe is to proactively test our drinking fountains and water from other faucets for lead. We receive our water from the City of Wichita, but we are testing our fixtures to identify any potential sources of lead.

    As we are going through the testing process, the overwhelming majority of our fixtures show that our water is safe to drink and to use. The testing process is ongoing for the next few years.

    If a test shows a fixture has a higher level of lead than what is acceptable by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we will do one or more of the following actions:

    • Shut off the water to that fixture until the issue is resolved
    • Replace or update the plumbing materials
    • Install a filter to remove the lead
    • Routine flushing  of water through faucets
    • Continue to test and make changes until the problem has been resolved.

    According to the EPA, high levels of lead in drinking water can cause health problems, especially for young children and pregnant women.

    The EPA recommends remediation for any water source that tests above 15 ppb (parts per billion).


    For more information about water quality in our schools, please contact Margo Rufle at the Environmental Services Dept., 973-2217.

Lead testing in drinking water