• Robinson PTSO FAQ’s  2023-24

    1. What are the Robinson PTSO vision, mission & values?  Robinson PTSO exists to encourage and empower teachers to more effectively motivate students to reach their potential, and to give students opportunities for socializing and celebrating their successes.  We are a network for parents looking to maximize positive input in the lives of our young people, and we have a lot of fun together! 

    2. What does PTSO stand for?  Parent-Teacher-Student-Organization

    3. What are the Robinson PTSO meetings like? We discuss upcoming events we are planning and requests we have received from staff members.  Parents vote on matters requiring disbursement of funds, and our principal gives a school update.

    4. Who are the people involved in Robinson PTSO? We are a group of parents of RMS students, who want to be involved in our kid’s education.

    5. Who are the Robinson PTSO officers? Please see the RMS website (under Parents>PTSO) for our current officers

    6. How does Robinson PTSO communicate?  Primarily through our Facebook page and email list

    7. What do the Robinson PTSO funds support?  The bulk of our funds are used to support teacher appreciation meals/gifts, school dances, and motivational prizes for students.

    8. What is the difference between Robinson PTSO and the Robinson Foundation?  PTSO funds teacher appreciation and student social events, the foundation funds more permanent items, such as gym bleachers, microscopes, the pickleball court, to name some examples. 

    9. What is the typical time commitment like for Robinson PTSO?  We welcome as much or as little as people want to give of their time!  Monthly meetings are generally between 60 and 90 minutes.

    10. Where does Robinson PTSO hold their meetings?  In the Robinson cafeteria, unless otherwise notified.  

    11. When does Robinson PTSO meet? 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm for about 60-90 minutes.

    12. Who attends Robinson PTSO meetings? RMS PTSO officers, our principal, and parents of current RMS students.  We also encourage student council officers to attend.

    13. Who should attend Robinson PTSO? Anyone who wants to be involved in understanding their child’s education and influencing their positive outcomes..

    14. Why should I attend and contribute to Robinson PTSO?  Multiple studies show that parental involvement in schools is correlated to better attendance, better behavior/social skills, and higher academic achievement.  Engaged parents are informed parents. 

    15. How many students are supported through Robinson PTSO? All RMS students, approx. 700

    16. What is the agenda for the Robinson PTSO meetings?  The agenda is normally posted on the RMS website, or dispersed at our monthly meetings.  

    17. How can I make donations? We are currently getting a Square account up and running.  The link will be found on the RMS website under Parents > PTSO > Achieve-a-thon

    18. Are my donations to Robinson PTSO tax-deductible? For gifts greater than $200, we issue a receipt for tax purposes.

    19. Why does parent participation in PTSO decrease when my child enters middle school?  Oftentimes, parents feel that their kids do not want them around, as they reach middle-school age.  Also, many do not know what is needed or how to help.  While it may be typical for less parent involvement, it is no less important.  Parent’s expectations for performance doesn’t usually decrease, therefore, continuing to be involved in the schools is just as important, if not more, when you consider the transition our kids go through during these three years of growing.


    1. What fundraising efforts does Robinson PTSO coordinate? Typically, our only fundraiser is the Achieve-a-thon, held during the fall of each school year.

    2. Who does the fundraising for Robinson PTSO? RMS students - themselves!

    3. I own a business and want to support Robinson PTSO. How can I get involved? We would love to talk to you about scheduling a teacher appreciation meal, donating prizes/experiences for Achieve-a-thon, or any unique ways to support our teachers and students. 

    4. What is Achieve-a-thon?  This is our annual fundraiser held in October.  Basically, parents collect prizes (gift cards, items, fun experiences) from area businesses.  Students collect cash/electronic donations, and are entered into drawings for the prizes based on the dollar amount they bring back.  The most popular prizes are experiences - with an RMS teacher/staff member (ex: Sedgwick County Zoo, Kansas Cosmosphere, Papa’s General Store, Bearden’s Stained Glass).

    5. How much time is involved with coordinating Achieve-a-thon?  There are two main areas: Preparation (contacting businesses/collecting prizes) and the two week time period when students are collecting donations (during this time really could use parent volunteers at school for just 1-2 hrs/day, 2-3 days).  



    1. What student events does Robinson PTSO help coordinate?  We coordinate a 6th grade mixer, a fall dance, a spring dance, and an 8th grade dance.

    2. How much money does Robinson PTSO need to raise each year? Last year, we raised approximately $5,500.  We could   

    3. Are  there volunteer opportunities during the daytime with Robinson PTSO?  Yes!  We sell dance tickets during lunch, the week of the event.  Also, during Achieve-a-thon, we need a few parent volunteers to hand out packets/prizes to classrooms.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this, or watch the Robinson PTSO Facebook page for sign up links.

    4. What is the right number of Robinson PTSO volunteers to contribute to the student experience? RMS has a proud history of having a large PTSO.  Currently, we have a pretty small group.  Due to this, we rely on assistance from STUCO, teachers, and administration.  We would love to have more parents!

    5. Is there a list of needs I could view to see how I can help even more? The best way to find out is to come to our meetings.  However, if you follow the Robinson Middle School PTSO Facebook page, you can see sign up links, and stay up to date on announcements.

    6. Is there a committee or task that Robinson PTSO needs assistance with? We would love to have a few more volunteers to help with teacher appreciation meals, school dances, and Achieve-a-thon.

    7. Are there separate opportunities for 8th grader parents?  Yes!  Mainly, the 8th grade formal, held each spring.