Family Resources - Comcare/MHA

  • Youth Mental Health Services – COMCARE of Sedgwick County

    The Children's Services (CS) program addresses children's mental health issues and behavioral problems that stem from mental illnesses in an effort to help them become productive members of the community. The Children's Services program is available to children younger than 18 years (up to 22 years in certain circumstances) who have serious emotional and social problems that disrupt community, school and family relationships. These children are at risk for out-of-home placement or psychiatric hospitalization. Services include: integrated care case management, attendant care services, psychosocial rehabilitation groups, parent support and training, and respite care.



    Children's Community Based Program - Mental Health Association

    Our Children's Community-Based Services program provides intervention, case work, and mentoring for children dealing with a serious emotional disorder. We also work with the immediate family members of those children, assisting them in providing support through the process which dramatically increases the child's ability to live, learn, and participate fully in their environment.


    Counseling Center - Mental Health Association

    We are a team of licensed therapists, addiction counselors, and medication providers in Wichita, Kansas who would love to help you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.



    OneCare Kansas Program - Mental Health Association

    MHA would like to help. Through OneCare Kansas @ MHA (OCK), our team provides extra support to help manage your care needs, lower your hospital and emergency room visits and improve your health and overall well-being.


    Prevention Programs - Mental Health Association

    Youth Prevention services provide early intervention and prevention programs for the youth of Sedgwick County at schools, preschools, camps, community centers, and treatment facilities free of charge. Participants in each program can be referred by parents, school staff, community center directors, or other appropriate contacts.



    Youth and Family Stabilization Program - Mental Health Association

    Youth and Family Services (YFS) is a no-cost program designed to strengthen and stabilize families by providing hands-on training for relationship skills, workforce readiness, and life skills. We work with at-risk families who have children ages 5-24 in prevention and early intervention services to reduce poverty, prevent youth from engaging in high-risk behaviors and to help families achieve and maintain stability.