• Student Success Outcomes

    Wichita Public Schools' Every Student Future Ready strategic plan focuses our district on inspiring students to thrive in innovative and impactful educational communities aimed at three primary student success outcomes.

Headers of goals. Goal 1, goal 2, goal 3.
Donut chart of goal 1
  • Goal: 85%

  • Increase academic achievement and graduation rate.

    By 2029, graduation rate will rise to 85%, increasing from 79.2% in 2024.

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Image of goal 1
Donut chart of goal 2
  • Goal: 50%

  • Prepare students for life, college and career success.

    The percentage of students earning five or more post-secondary assets prior to graduation will reach at least 50% by 2029.

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Image of goal 2
Donut chart of goal 3
  • Goal: 90%

  • Create and enhance safety and belonging

    Increase the percentage of students that feel safe and connected to their school from 80.3% to 90% by 2029.

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Image of goal 3