Four Primary Factors Influencing FY25 Budget

    1. ENROLLMENT: Enrollment continues to decline.  Fewer students means less funding.  
    2. LOSS OF ESSER FUNDING: All COVID relief funding will be spent by June 30, 2024.  About $20 million was used to avoid budget cuts and in FY25 these funds will not be available to balance the budget.  Another $20 million was used to hire and improve support positions (ex: counseling, special education, safety).  Feedback almost unanimously indicated the desire to keep these supports, which means other budgetary items need to be reduced to retain the positions that we need.
    3. DEFERRED MAINTENANCE: The District has $1.2 billion in deferred maintenance needs and limited options to meet all the facilities needs outstanding. 
    4. UNDER-UTILIZATION OF FACILITIES: The District is maintaining space for 63,000 students while only receiving funding for 47,000. We’re spreading our resources too thin and need to make adjustments.