Stakeholder Feedback Fall 2023

  • In fall 2023, district site councils and school staff were asked several questions regarding budget in order to guide decision-making during the 2024-25 budget development process. The following was shared with the Board of Education on Jan. 22, 2024. Specific feedback from grade-level stakeholder groups is detailed below.


    Positive Sentiments

    • Desire to do what is best for students
    • Understand budget challenges reflect declining enrollment, not just spending
    • Desire for equitable and transparent decision-making
    • Commitment to preserve classroom supports for high needs students
    • Willingness to accept cuts are necessary for salaries to keep pace with inflation
    • Openness to creative solutions – schedule changes, consolidating programs, etc.
    • Understand some loss of services/initiatives is unavoidable

    Concern Sentiments:

    • Jobs
    • Loss of the work connecting homes and schools
    • Loss of various support staff addressing student needs (paras, CST)
    • Larger class sizes/caseloads
    • Not cutting enough district administration
    • Workload, retention, lower morale
    • Cuts to extracurriculars
    • Anxiety  that student needs will go unmet
    • Distress about possible closures and boundary changes
    • Anxiety about other issues (charter schools, vouchers, etc.)
    • Dread about salary freezes
    • Overall skepticism
  • Elementary Schools

  • Middle Schools

  • High Schools

  • Non-Attendance Centers

  • Special Schools (Levy, Sowers, Chisholm, Wells)