Reductions by Phase

  • A phased approach will be utilized to construct a budget that reduces the anticipated 2024-25 budget of $42 million. As phases are confirmed, that information will be shared here.


    There are three key things to note about reductions that will be made to balance the budget:


    1) No current employee is expected to lose his/her employment with WPS as a result of this process. While jobs may change due to reductions, there is enough natural transition each year that all employees who are currently with WPS and who want to remain will be able to connect with a new job opportunity in the district.


    2) The second year (2024-25) of the two-year wage package approved for WPS employees is at the foundation of this budget development work, and will be fully honored.


    3) People will be prioritized over places and things. Our employees are the heart of our district, and the highest level of priority possible will be placed on valuing our staff.

  • Phase 1 - $9 Million

  • Phase 2 - $16 million